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Trunk Club, Trunk # 3

This trunk was styled by my new stylist Colleen.  My first stylist was nice but I don’t think we were really on the same page style-wise. I feel like this trunk was a great start to my new style partnership with Colleen 🙂  For this Trunk I request items for an upcoming trip to San Diego and for items for Spring.

If you aren’t familiar with Trunk Club, this is how it works.  After you signup online you receive a brief survey to fill out.  You will then be connected with a personal stylist and you can chat about your sizes, preferences, and style needs.  Then they send you a huge trunk full of clothing, shoes, and accessories.  You have 10 days to try everything on and decide what you will keep.  Then you put everything you don’t want back in the box and call UPS to come pick it up.  It’s super easy and you only pay for what you keep and there isn’t even a styling fee 🙂

Here is what I go in my latest trunk 🙂

Converse Chuck Taylor Low Sneaker $49.95



I love these!  They are cute and comfortable and I kept them 🙂

Dolce Vita ‘Nova’ Espadrille Wedge Sandal $89.95

Dolce Vita20160302_134204.jpg
My silly dog ate my nude wedges a few months ago, so I was excited when these arrived.  They are are very comfy and I needed them, so I kept them 🙂

Stem Sleeveless Knit Romper $58


I was really excited for this to arrive. I thought it would be perfect for my visit to Glen Ivy Hot Springs while I was in San Diego.  Unfortunately, it just didn’t fit right. I was a little shorter than I would like and  the top part fit funny.  It went back.


These are just a little boring.  They were a little tight in the thighs and not very flattering. They went back.

Eliza J Print Chiffon Halter Maxi Dress $158

Eliza J20160302_13303320160302_133003

When I saw the preview for this I was excited.  I love maxi dresses and thought the print looked fun.  In real life I didn’t love the material, I prefer something more casual.  Also, I have recently gained a little weight so this was too tight.  This one went back.

FELICITY & COCO Woven Maxi Dress $98

 FELICITY & COCO20160302_134134.jpg

Just like the previous dress, I was really excited to get this one.  I really loved the top of this, but the material was a little too dressy for me and this dress was also a little to small. This one went back.

NYDJ Henley Blouse $88


This top is cute and has fun colors but it’s not something I really need.  I prefer a more casual top and this seems like something I would wear to work.  This one is going back.

Halogen Floral Front Collared Top $68

This top might be cute on someone else but it was a little too preppy for me.  It’s going back.

Olivia Palermo Chelsea28 Stripe Bustier $78
Olivia Palermo Chelsea2820160308_194507.jpg

This top is cute but too small.  It’s going back.


I really liked these but they too long even with heels on.  Other than that they fit great.  My Husband also loved the way my butt looked in them 🙂  Unfortunately, I’m not sure I’m ready to start wearing flare jeans.  They might just be a little to cool for me 🙂

Rebecca Minkoff

These are cute but not really my style.  I asked for a pair of gladiator sandals but once I tried them on I decided I prefer my flip flops 🙂

KENDALL KYLIE_11838769(1)20160302_131654.jpg

I love this dress!  I wanted it to fit so bad but the back wouldn’t even zip up all the way 😦  I love the feminine detail and the open back that is just a little sexy.  Sadly this one is going back.

Free People20160302_134555.jpg

I wanted to like this.  I see so many pics of women looking so cute in rompers but I don’t think I can wear them 😦  This one is going back.

Free People top20160302_132507.jpg
This top was just a little too boring for me.  I feel like I could get something like this from Target.  This one is going back.

So below are a few bathing suits I received in this trunk.  They are all really cute, but unfortunately, they were all way to small.  So small, that they looked awful on me and I decided that no one would want to see those pics 🙂

top $94 and bottoms $63
Top $79 and Bottoms $70
Top $70 and Bottoms $60
Well, that’s it for this Trunk.  What did you think?  What would you have kept?
Thanks for reading,

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10 thoughts on “Trunk Club, Trunk # 3

  1. Wow. This was so much better than your other trunks. I really liked everything you got except the shirts. I wish I had the money for some new clothes so I can join TC.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually switch to a stylist my friend already had. I was loving her trunks and hating mine. You can email a stylist you like and they can switch you. I also think you can email customer service and ask for someone new. Would you like my stylist email address?


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