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Monster Jam 2016

Last weekend we decided to take both of our kids to Monster Jam in Baltimore.  We had talked about going weeks before but my husband’s schedule had him out of town during the show so we didn’t think we could.  Well, last minute his schedule changed and he was home so we decided to go.  I looked for tickets Saturday morning before we headed out and plenty of tickets were still available so I decided we would just purchase them when we got there.  We got into Baltimore about 30 minutes before the show and after we found parking and got to the arena the show had already started. We headed straight to the ticket booth but were told that the show was sold out 😦  Well I decided I would look again online where I had seen a ton of tickets early in the morning.  We lucked out and the website still had plenty. They were now only $5 vs the $3o they were earlier in the day.  Now these were not the best tickets and we were about as far away from the track as your could get but we didn’t care and neither did the kids.   What a score!  Now when they are a little older I think it would be great to buy the good seats and pay more but for now, this was perfect 🙂

We attended Monster Jam last year and had fun but our son was only 2 and our daughter was only a few months old.  Last year our daughter thought it was so exciting that she napped for most of the show 🙂  This year was so much better!  Our son and daughter sat in amazement for the whole show.  They both wore safety ear protectors for the so the noise didn’t bother them at all (I was worried the noise might upset our daughter).

The show consists of a few competitions that are all fun to watch.  At our show they did a donut contest, they had quad races and buggy races, they did a wheelie competition, they did monster truck races and a freestyle competition. During all of these competitions, you get to see trucks smashing and crashing, flying through the air, spinning out and sometimes even flipping upside down. Our kids loved it all!   During intermission, a bobcat comes onto the track to fix it and my kids even loved that 🙂




If you have ever thought about going I would highly recommend it.  It was a ton of fun for all of us.

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