Trunk Club

Trunk Club, Trunk #2

This is my second full Trunk so far with Trunk Club.  I was really excited when I started this service because it seemed so much more personal than Stitch Fix.    I love that you get a big assortment of items and that the quality is a little better than what I seem to get with Stitch Fix.

If you aren’t familiar with Trunk Club, this is how it works.  After you signup online you receive a brief survey to fill out.  You will then be connected with a personal stylist and you can chat about your sizes, preferences, and style needs.  Then they send you a huge trunk full of clothing, shoes, and accessories.  You have 10 days to try everything on and decide what you will keep.  Then you put everything you don’t want back in the box and call UPS to come pick it up.  It’s super easy and you only pay for what you keep and there isn’t even a styling fee 🙂

Here is what I go in my latest trunk 🙂

Bobeau Two Pocket Drape Front Cardigan $58


I like this!  It is super soft and a fun spring color.  This is perfect for running errands with the kids and is easy to just throw on with jeans and a tee.  Keeper 🙂


Topshop ‘Polly’ Faux Leather Biker Jacket $90


This jacket is really soft and even though it’s not real leather it doesn’t feel cheap like some fake leather does.  I am not really a motorcycle jacket kind of girl and this is too small so it’s going back.

Topshop Colorblock Crewneck Sweater $85


I don’t have anything nice to say about this sweater 😦  It’s huge and ugly and going back.

Stem Stretch Knit Wide Leg Pants $58


These pants wouldn’t slip past my thighs, so I can’t show you a pic of them on 😦  They are going back.

Caslon Linen Blend Utility Jacket $78


I received 2 of the Caslon Linen Blend Utility Jackets, but in different colors.  The jacket would probably be comfy if it fit properly, but it’s too big.  Also, I like the color, but I’m not a huge fan of the cut or style.  This is going back.

Caslon Linen Blend Utility Jacket $78


This is the second version of this coat I received in this Trunk and I still don’t like it 🙂

Zella ‘Cirrus’ Sport Cardigan $58.96


I’m still deciding on this sweatshirt.  It is super soft and cozy, but I’m not sure if I love the way it looks on me.  What do you think?

NIC ZOE ‘Shaded Waves’ Reversible Open Front Cardigan $168


I find this to be hideous and for someone much older than myself.  This is going back.

Joie ‘Layson’ Lace Shoulder Sleeveless Top $168


This top doesn’t really do anything for me.  It’s big, loose, and not flattering 😦  Going back.

Rails ‘Hunter’ Plaid Shirt $138


Now this top is so super soft and comfortable.  I like the way it looks in this picture, but I’m not sure I love it in real life.  This one is a maybe 🙂

Equipment ‘Slim Signature’ Silk Shirt $214


This top is 100% silk and really nice, but I don’t have any need for something like this in my wardrobe.  This one is going back.

Splendid Draped Thermal Hoodie $98


I really like this hoodie!  It has a thermal texture, is really comfortable, and I love that it has a hood.  This one is a maybe because I’m just not sure it’s worth $98.

Hue ‘Satin’ Jersey Leggings $48


So these pants wouldn’t fit over my feet 🙂 They are going back.

Madewell Slub Stripe V-Neck Tee $29.50


This is a nice enough t-shirt and it’s a nice fabric, but I think it’s similar to something I could get at Target for $10.  This one is going back.

Madewell ‘Anywhere’ Graphic Tee $38


This top is for someone much younger and cooler than me 🙂  It is really short and any movement shows off my mom belly, which I prefer to keep under wraps 🙂 This one is going back.

So far I haven’t been impressed with my trunks and don’t feel like my stylist and I are on the same page yet.  What do you think about my trunk?

Thanks for reading,


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