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Trunk Club, Trunk #1 1/2

I received my second trunk on Monday, but because of some miss communication with myself and my stylist, I am going to call this trunk #1 1/2 not Trunk # 2. Before your trunk ships, you get to preview what’s coming, you then can decide if there are things that you would prefer they not send.  I removed a few items because they were either more than I wanted to spend or way out of my fashion comfort zone.  I assumed that if I removed something it would be replaced with something else.  This was not the case with this trunk so I only received 5 items.  The thing I love most about Trunk Club is the giant selection you get to try on all at once in the privacy of your own home.   I emailed my stylist and she is going to send me another box with more choices but here is what I got in trunk 1 1/2 🙂

KUT from the Kloth “Catherine” Boyfriend Jeans Authenticity $84

These jeans fit pretty well but I don’t love the feel of them.  I also prefer when the pockets of my jeans have a little more fun on them.  These have boring pockets.  These are going back.

Hudson Jeans “Muse” Cuff Crop Jeans $189

These feel amazing!  I wish that they were just a tad short on me and they are a smidge too small in the waist.  I am actually happy these didn’t fit just right because I don’t really want to spend $189 on jeans but I would have if they fit perfect because they feel so good.

Stateside Long Sleeve Twist Tee $78

This top is awful and looks cuter in the photos than it did in person.  In person, this top is extremely unflattering on me.  It also looked like it was ripped but that might be intentional. This one is going back.

7 For All Mankind “Josefina” Boyfriend Jeans Bright Light Broken Twill $198

These jeans are also super comfy and I can easily see these becoming a pair of everyday jean. I do already own a few pairs of jeans very similar to these.  For $198 I don’t have to have these. They are going back.

Pleione High/Low V-Neck Blouse $68

This top I am very torn on.  This is not something I would usually wear but I also like that.  The colors are not something that I would normally be drawn to but paired with jeans and a pair of flats would be cute. What do you think?

What do you think about this trunk?  What would you have kept? If you are interested in trying Trunk Club for yourself please click this link 🙂

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