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Stitch Fix, Fix #12

I received my 12th fix right before Christmas but was so excited about starting my blog and writing about other things I am just now posting about it.  This was a 1/5 box for me and I am very happy with that.  I try to remember that Stitch Fix is a fun service and if I find one item that I love then that is a win 🙂 If you have never heard of Stitch Fix check out the link to learn more.

Item # 1 was the Moda Luxe Brooks Crossbody Bag

This was a cute bag but I am finally transitioning back to a purse after using a diaper bag for the last 3 years and this is too small for me.   The purse went back.

Next up was the Mavi Malin Bootcut Jean

These are cute jeans but unfortunately, they are too long so they went back.

Next is the Papermoon Arriba Embroidery Neckline Raglan Knit Top

I really like this top, it is super soft and very much my style. I also really like the fun neck detail. I kept this one 🙂

Next is the THML Brandie Mixed Material Hem Knit Top

This top was just awful on me.  It did not fit right and is not my style at all.  This one went back.

Lastly is the 41Hawthorn Presley Colorblock Button-Back Sweater

This top is really cute and if it was in different colors I would have probably kept it.  I like the buttons down the back but could not get past the red.  I do not usually wear the color red and this is a lot of red right in my face.  This one went back.

What would you have kept?  What did you think about what I decided to keep?

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